Club Rating System, 5 Stars

I’m about to review a club, and I realized my previous 5 star system needed modification, mostly because there isn’t food in a club, or at least not anything I care about.  So here’s the night club version:

 Drink Star: Basically, as long as I’m not disappointed, you’re going to get this one.  If you don’t water down the fountain pop, and your well vodka doesn’t make me sick, you’ll probably earn this one.  The real risk is if you promise and don’t deliver.  If you have a fancy drink that looks sounds delicious, but comes out crap, you’re risking this star.

 Music Star: You won’t see this a lot, because I tend not to like the most popular music.  A full star means I liked what I heard, and if I wasn’t singing along, I was trying to figure out who it was so I could hear more.  A half star generally means I never had an urge to stab my ears out.

 Atmosphere Star: This star is about how well the club suits itself.  Again, this star is tempered by expectations.  If a place is safe and clean, it’s a half star.  If it’s awesome, with either really cool people and vibes, or some sort of them that keeps me entertained.

 Staff Star:  The staff star is half competence, whether or not the staff is quick, friendly and attentive, and half appearance.  Sure, it’s far to say I’m mostly looking at ladies, because that’s generally the case, and I am more likely to go to a club with beautiful girls selling me beer than attractive boys, no matter how good they are at their job.  That being said, I will let you know if any straight girls or gay boys tell me you need to know about the dudes.

 Price Star:  If the quality of the experience matches the price, you get the price star.  Half star if it’s a bit expensive, but I would still consider coming back.

 Then I’ll total the stars, and give a final rating.  The bottom of the review will list the specific stars awarded.

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