Late Late Breakfast Show Time

You don’t get any novel this week because I’m promoting Late Late Breakfast Show once again.  This sketch comedy troop sometimes uses some of my scripts, so fuck what you want, I wanna talk about them.

I also want you to go see them.  I’m sorry I cursed, baby.  You know I get worked up.  It’s my passion.  You love it.

So anyways, it’s this week, from Wednesday to Saturday at 8pm, with additional Friday and Saturday performances at 10 pm.  Tickets are $14 or $12 for students.  If you bring a donation to the Calgary Interfaith Food Bank, you’re only paying $10 for a ticket, and you have proven you’re not evil.  The show’s at the Bird and Stone theatre in the basement of the Unitarian Church at 204 16th Ave NW.  You can find the details here.

Next week we’ll be back to the novel, but as I wrote a sketch for this show, I want you to pay attention to it instead.  Trust me, baby, it’s worth it.  I’ll make it worth it.

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