The End of PTP

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you probably know my PTP project, where I’ve been posting bits of my novel here to generate interest and criticism.

It didn’t work.

The novel segments had the lowest hits of my work.  It didn’t generate interest.  People didn’t read it, didn’t favour it, didn’t comment on it.  Obviously, it doesn’t belong in a blog.

I’ve individual blogs that have more hits than the entirety of the novel.  I know why too.  People don’t come to the internet to read serialized novelization.  It’s not what I do.  I don’t read anyone elses work like that, and I’m not surprised they don’t read mine.

This doesn’t mean I’m not still working on it.  I’m just not putting it here.

I also have a better idea.  One that will generate traffic.  The only thing is, I doubt this is the right audience.

So I’ll probably start a second blog, that’ll be related to this one, but have different content.  It may mean I take one of the updates away from this blog.  It’ll likely mean this one goes to Tuesday and Thursday, and I’ll do the other on Monday.  I haven’t decided.

The idea for the new project is to analyze video games like literature.  Short articles, using the skills from my English degree, to go into the plot of video games.  There’s a lot of reviewers out there, but they talk about if a game is good or bad generally.  They don’t look at what the characterization means, what themes are explored, what’s being said or not said. 

I think people would read that.  I think I would love to write that.  So I’ll be looking at doing that.  I’ll let you know when a final decision is made.

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  1. so I dont think it is a good Idea to stop the Pen to Print. I just dont think this is the place for it.

    Also with chapter eight I was getting alittle confused about what was happening in their heads (or in one head, both hive mind)

  2. I’m going to say that first, I have memory issues, and I have no clue how I found your blog; I don’t even read blogs. Secondly, I was immediately crestfallen upon reading the beginning, and didn’t bother to finish reading the post before complaining about the lack of interest in your book. When it comes to a lot of things, like music, cars, women, literature; I don’t care what *most* people think about it, only my own unique [weird] opinion factors in.
    Long-winded point being, I like what I’ve read so far of your book a lot, but I refuse to read any more until I can read it in it’s entirety, and eagerly look forward to whenever that’s possible. Seems to me talent is not being given the attention it deserves.

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