Let’s Go To Vegas

Seriously, let’s do it!

What are you up to, October 20th through 24th?  That’s the weekend after Canadian Thanksgiving, or the Weekend before Everywhere Halloween.  I’m turning 30 in October, and this is how I’ve chosen to celebrate.  I’ll be in Vegas for 4 days.

Some of you might be asking “Am I invited?”  Well, despite what you may have heard, I am not the boss of Las Vegas.  Not since Johnny Fourstroke managed to convince my boy on the Nevada Gaming Commission … you know what?  Never mind that.  I’m not the boss of Vegas.  So off course you can come.

Assuming you want to hang out with me, which is a far assumption, because I’m cool like a rainbow made of chocolate coins and gold coins, then come on!  Do.  It.  Vegas is such a cheap place to travel to, because they assume they’ll get your money from you with shiny lights and satsitically difficult to profit on games!  Flights and hotels are cheap!

I’ve decided I wanted to stay at an iconic hotel.  I did some research on which one would be best.  It involved asking S1 if she thought Ceaser’s Palace was cool, and she said it was alright but that the MGM Grand was cooler.  So…


I’ll be staying at the MGM Grand.  If you wanna come, let me know.  All are welcome.

Except Johnny Fourstroke…

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