Hot For Words

Internet, how come no one told me about this?

This is not a secret to keep from me

Since 2007, Marina Orlova has been running the website Hot For Words where she examines philology of words.  That means where they come from.  In case you didn’t guess by the name, she also has an incredibly sexy accent, like the temptress from an old Bond movie.

Seriously, people, when beautiful girls with accents want to geek out on words, you should probably understand that I consider it your responsiblity to tell me.  This doesn’t just apply to sexy Russians talking about the origin of English words while dressed as either a sexy schoolgirl or a hot teacher.  If a cute girl puts on a bikini and is teaching grammar, you tell me, especially if she’s Austrailian.  If some German chick puts on a mini-skirt and wants to discuss spelling, YOU TELL ME.  If a British babe in short-shorts wants to debate the merits of different eras of literature THAT IS NOT A SECRET YOU KEEP FROM ME.

So remember: cute girl + revealing clothing + accent + English language geekiness = TELL JOEY WITH CAPLOCKS IMPORTANCE.

I mean, really, can you in good faith deny me this:\